How we work

Estate planning can feel daunting, but the process is easier than you think.

Get Educated

Get yourself educated on the issues surrounding estate planning. Attend one of the webinars offered by the firm and understand the basics. You can get notified of any upcoming webinars by signing up for the newsletter, or click here to watch one on demand.

Step One

Book and attend the Peace of Mind Planning Session. This is a tax and asset strategy session with attorney William Ha based on a family profile you submitted to the firm. Together, we will decide whether a will-based or trust-based estate plan is right for you and your family. You’ll also learn about all the options available and our flat fee prices. If there are any advanced planning issues, we will cover this in the meeting. The moment you are ready to move forward, we will provide you an engagement letter and invoice for payment.

Step Two

Next is your Design Meeting. Here, we’ll start putting together the pieces of your estate plan based on the information you provided the firm. We will go into detail the decisions you’ve started making about your estate plan.

After this session, the firm will draft your documents and send you a copy for your review about 3 weeks later. At this time, you can provide feedback, changes, and updates. After everything looks good, we will schedule a date for your document signing ceremony.

Step Three

This is the final step to getting your estate plan in place – at the Signing Ceremony. You can choose to meet at one of our offices or complete this at your own home. If you choose to do this at your own home, the firm will send you detailed instructions as to how it needs to be done. With the estate plan complete, the firm will reach out periodically and invite you to touch base on major life events that might impact your estate plan.